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Sep 29

Find your Orlando vacation

There has no better time than now to look for and book orlando vacations for your and the family. The airfare and hotels are offering some great deal in order to fill the seats and rooms in order to generate cash flow. The deals are abundant and if you have ever wanted to get a …

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Sep 27

Listen to your heart

When you think of your health care provider you typically remember the white coat and stethoscope. The stethoscope is used to listen to a patients heart, lungs, and provides the Dr. with a inside view into your state of health. It is a great device that has now become more technically advanced thanks to littman …

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Sep 23

Looking for a new GPS device

That is why when we saw the Bushnell Club Pack GPS device we thought about several friends who love the outdoors and would love this type of gift. There are some great sites where you can find a GPS device. Make sure that you do your research in order to find the right device for …

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Sep 21

getting online math help

You can find 5th grade math. Now when the children get older and start looking for colleges to attend after high school, they may still need online tutoring to get passing grades in college. The higher you go in math, the more difficult it does get. Expert algebra help is available online and all college …

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Sep 16

When do you hand out trophies?

This year as my kids get older they are actually awarded soccer trophies for placing in their league. In years past all the teams received medals for their participation and no actual record was kept. This was to make sure that the kids enjoyed the game and not have to worry about the score. While …

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Sep 16

Find gazebos for sale

Right now is a great time to search for and find gazebos for sale. Buying now will enable you to save money and get your parts shipped in plenty of time to start your project once the weather starts to warm up. You will have your beautiful new gazebo in place and ready to enjoy …

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Sep 13

Flying today

The latest  HP Mini 1033CL offer portability and ease of use and can be found on  sale at these new netbooks are helping to change the market in portability and keeping people connected. With the ease and small footprint the netbooks may replace the notebook because of the reduced cost or size.

Sep 13

Intern Love

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath I went to at the suggestion of one of my interns and man does she know what she’s talking about! I’ve found this year that the best thing about hiring interns is that they’re so much more up to date on things like technology which means I’ve got …

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Sep 12

Furnitute on a budget

In a recent move we were on the hunt for some new furniture. We had a brand new formal living room that apparently needed furniture so we set off this past weekend to find some great new tables and couches. We went to several discount furniture stores and actually found some great quality that was …

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Sep 11

finding the best rates online

Insurance companies are battling it out for your insurance dollar. The long term look at life insurance has started to show up as a viable option for investment not only to help protect you and your family should a death occur, but as a possible investment vehicle. With the ability to get life insurance quotes …

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Sep 09

Helping your small business

We were reading up on some of the capacity issues that have started to creep into broadband solutions since there are now more than 15 million people using VOIP and the more recent move to complete digital broadcasts by TV stations the bandwidth and performance has to expand. Back in 2008 the CIO of AT&T …

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Sep 08

Call of Duty Modern warfare for Christmas

With all the major retailers trying to attract customers with early sale prices you may actually be able to shop online and get those Black Friday sale prices without the hassle of having to get up at 3 AM in the morning and fighting with strangers over the latest Wii game. This year for our …

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Sep 07

Keeping your content fresh

1 – You Are ‘Forced’ To Keep Your Content FreshBlogs are essentially online diaries. It doesn’t make sense to write in your diary every month or two. Similarly, running a blog itself ‘forces’ you to update it often. And refreshing your blog often makes it more useful to readers and consumers – and by extension, …

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Sep 07

How to Use Your Online GIS Certificate to Land Your Next Job

Earning a GIS Certificate online has its distinct benefits. Technologies in this field are constantly evolving, so that what was new two years ago can now be a thing of the past. The constant changes require that you keep abreast and stay up-to-date with the technology. One of the best ways to do this is …

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Sep 04

Finding something for Moms birthday

While Mother’s day is just a few weeks away I also have to start thinking about my mom’s birthday. While I have given her photos or various items that have to with the kids I was hoping to do something a little different this year. I have looked at and located some great ideas. …

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Sep 03

Hard Goals : The Secret to Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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Aug 30

Finding a massage therapy school online

With all the talk about the job market now starting to gain attraction many people are evaluating their current career path. Many of the jobs that have been around for years and offered stability are being replaced by other job opportunities. The health care field is one area that has been projected to grow at …

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Aug 28

Tool storage for the garage

The tool storage options were not the standard a few years ago.

Aug 21

Going hands free

In our state they just made it a violation to talk on your cell phone without a hands free device. If you are caught talking on your cell with it up to your ear the police can pull you over without any other cause and write you a ticket. While I absolutely agree that people …

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Aug 20

Getting a Philips LCD TV for a great price

if you are like most people who took advantage of the great deals on Philips 42 inch TV’s during the Super Bowl sale then you may be kicking yourself if you did not grab one of those deals. The question that you may be asking is should I look to get a plasma or LCD …

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