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Nov 24

What is your success story

With the success of the Biggest Loser everyone is looking to see weight loss success stories that apply to them. At they compile and report on success stories.

Nov 22

Tips for Buying Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been popular home accessories for years and years. And why shouldn’t they be? They look great, they sound great, and with proper care they’ll last for years. They’re so versatile too – no matter what style you like or what sound relaxes you, you can find a wind chime for it. When …

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Nov 15

Politics – According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture

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Nov 14

Politics: A Treatise on Government

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Nov 13

Fair Trade gifts for her

If you are looking for something different for your wife or girlfriend this holiday then you may want to check out where they are a Fair Trade retailer which means many of the items that they sell benefit those countries where they are made. They have hundreds of gifts for her that are handmade …

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Nov 09

Keeping time

Many homes have different time pieces in their home. Most of the time we look at the microwave or stove to see what time it is. I always remember going into my parents home and being greeted by a grandfather clock that has been the family. Grandfather clocks add a since of timelessness to any …

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Nov 08

Are you looking for a quartz heater

For those of you that have a wood burning fireplace, you will want to chop more wood than you expect to use. Buying your firewood is not needed, if you will get out now and do the work yourself. It does save money if you cut your own wood for the fireplace or if you …

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Nov 05

The Zigzag Principle: The Goal Setting Strategy that will Revolutionize Your Business and Your Life

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Nov 01

Term life insurance online

We have all the seen the ads that state you can get up to $300K in term life insurance with no physical or medical evaluation required. The cost that they quote seems to good to be true and they usually are. For those that are serious about finding term life insurance online then you may …

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Oct 31

Musicians instruments

Everyone wants to start their own band and now with the technology that is available you can create the sound you want with limited equipment. You can now create a big band sound with only a few select instruments and this has helped to create a whole new sound in music and given hope to …

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