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Chose wisely for your wedding

By the time you get my age in life, you have had your share of weddings you had to dress up for. Each time I do it, I always think about the high school prom. I chose to not go to the prom; while I was in high school. I preferred to work at the time and wanted to make money. I would later on get my chance to go, when my high school girlfriend had her junior prom. I was lucky she gave me the opportunity to have a high school prom. Where I got to get the tuxedo, white stylish shirt, the cufflinks, and the whole 9 yards. Our wedding was simple, but yet the overall event was so much fun. We had friends that spent more time and money worrying about their wedding dress that it overshadowed the entire day.

wedding dressNow every time I have to dress up in a tux for a wedding, I always think about that high school prom. I know the weddings are free in most cases or very little costs. That prom I had over a decade back was pretty expensive. I usually have fun at weddings and that 1 trip to the prom. Have you had more than one opportunity to visit the prom? How do you rank getting dressed up for the prom, with dressing up for a friend or relative’s wedding? I guess if I had it all over to do again, I would pick the prom. The prom was really the first time I got this dressed up, so going back to that time period, means I would be very young again. And who wouldn’t want to go back in their younger years and relive an event?

In the end you need to chose wisely when it comes to your wedding day and both the bride and groom need to be active participants. Don’t believe the hype on all the details that are needed and remember that at the end of the day it will just be you and your partner who should enjoy this special day. You can get caught up in trying to pick the magical wedding dress or brides maids dresses, but after 10 years later all that will not matter. Plus in most cases people look back at what they chose to wear and wish they had been more conservative.

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