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Making the most effective use of your talent

Making the most effective use of your talent

In nature, teamwork comes naturally. Whether it is the wild dogs of Africa or the wolves of North America, their hunting success is a direct product of each one knowing their role in the hunt and fulfilling it. The success rate of these animals far outstrips that of any others. On a much smaller scale, how else would ants be so efficient without teamwork?

When it comes to humans, it is a skill that often needs to be taught. It does not necessarily come naturally. In the Military it is something that is created by training and discipline and there are countless examples of how it has been central to the success of a mission.

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Team Building is a fun way to create that same teamwork in groups of people. A boss might see an opportunity of not only providing a different and interesting challenge to the staff, but also wants to see whether it will have an impact on staff interaction once the experience is over.

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Effective in emergencies

The aim is to create a situation where effective interaction becomes second nature in the everyday activity of a business


Team Building creates challenges of all kinds to attempt to create cooperation between individuals. There are normally many individual talents within any organisation, but it is how those talents are used towards effective action that separates a successful company from an average one. The challenges that are presented are fun and are designed to motivate, but behind their design there is also the intention of creating a team ethic in a subject that is outside the ‘comfort zone’ in which the team members normally operate on a daily basis.

It is a concept that has been used for some time. It can be used for simple bonding but can also be far more exacting with challenges that are physical as well as mental. A team can be faced with a series of different challenges and its effectiveness assessed over the period of those challenges.

Team Building provides the opportunity to face challenges that perhaps include an element of chance; tasks which depend on finding specified locations and recording seeing particular objects or fauna. There may be design projects where a basic idea needs to be translated into a product.


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There are a number of things that Team Building aims to bring out in team members. Communication is important in every walk of life whether in the work environment or in social situations. It ensures that everyone receives the information that is needed and relevant.  Establishing communication links helps to engender trust and that immediately improves the operation.

Work colleagues do not need to be your best friends, but within the work environment they must be people with whom you can effectively interact on a daily basis. Normally there exists a hierarchy that involves the issuing of instructions and the implementation of decisions. If this can be done in an atmosphere where the staff is actually strongly motivated to do its work because it understands its important role within the business then the business can thrive.

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