Sep 25

Working with SMC

Finding value is a part of life. We all want to buy things for as cheap as we can. Some people are happy knowing they paid the cheapest price possible; while others look to make money off their bargains in life. The business-minded folks, are the ones who seek cheap, bottom-line prices for products, they hope to resell and make a profit. Companies like Specialty Merchandise Corporation or smc can help you get started. It is one of the most common and basic laws of making money. The trick is finding the place that has wholesale Products for sale. You can look at smc corp for a chance to have access to products at wholesale prices. If you can discover where the wholesalers are, you can pass the savings on to others and make money while you do it.

So the first part of making money in this fashion, is trying to locate the Wholesale Suppliers online or in your local area. If you had a way of doing this, you could find all sorts of cheap products being sold, which you could buy and resell for a profit. You can’t just buy anything or the first bargains you find. It is important that you buy things people want or will need at some point in the near future. Make sure that you check out the specialty merchandise corporation complaints before you make any decisions to make sure this is right for you. If you are forced to store these items for long periods of time, the money making process slows down or eventually comes to a grinding halt. To avoid these storage problems, try to only buy the wholesale products; which people will be lining up to buy from you. Do your own research and work with small samples of products to determine this.

Sep 24

Shopping for Grads

May is just a few days away and that means that school is coming to a close for both High School and colleges. Now is the time to start shopping for your graduating senior to provide them with items that will either help in their next level of education or getting started in the job market. One of the latest technology that most college students would love to have would be one of the new HP Mini Notebooks that offers all the functionality of a laptop or PC with the size and space of a smaller screen. These popular mini-notebooks are perfect for the college student because they can be carried from their dorm to class and around campus without the added weight and bulkiness of traditional laptops. Most of them already come equipped with wireless capability, web cams, and great LED screen for viewing your buddies video online.
They are also conveniently on sale at where you can find some of the best deals online for those graduating seniors that will surely impress even the pickiest of shoppers. You can shop online and have the item shipped for free in time for the upcoming graduation ceremonies. Technology is always advancing and being able to have the gear that will enable you to get online and stay connected is essential to any college student or recently graduated senior. So don’t wait for all the great bargains to disappear and get online right now and find and purchase that one gift that will always be remembered.

Sep 24

Upgrade to the Samsung 3D ready HDTV

The world of HDTV just got a whole lot better. With the new sets now appearing in the stores and online consumers will now have a choice to upgrade their current sets and grab the latest technology that will enable them to view 3D movies, talk with friends online via Skype, shop online, and connect easily to websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Blockbuster. With the 240Hz Clear motion rate you will enjoy stunning pictures and video. We have a Samsung Plasma model currently and the next model we invest will be a 3D model and Samsung will be our HDTV of choice. The Samsung 3D ready HDTV offers all of the features that we have come to love with the addition of the 3D picture ready set. While the technology is still relatively new there are DVD players available to start viewing current movies that are being rendered in 3D. I love the fact that you can now use this internet ready TV to talk with your friends via Skype and creating a real time video conferencing setup right in your home. Imagine being able to talk to your friends and family and seeing them on a 46 inch or greater screen. Very Cool!

The best part is that you do not have to wait for the after Thanksgiving sale to enjoy this great 3D TV. You can find it at with free shipping so you can be enjoying the amazing picture before Thanksgiving. With all the technology this TV will be the new center piece of all your family activities.

Sep 23

Getting your blood tests

Today health care providers are able to order blood tests for various symptoms and get results back within days to help make the proper diagnosis or recommendation to their patients. Various STD Testing LA labs have the ability to schedule same day appointments so if you are in need of a quick response you have more choices. These labs can also do blood work for employee screening, cholesterol checks, diabetes, and chemicals. With the advancement in digital communications through electronic medical records can get the tests with results and be able to keep a more accurate record for the patients health.

Sep 23

Looking for a new GPS device

bushnellThat is why when we saw the Bushnell Club Pack GPS device we thought about several friends who love the outdoors and would love this type of gift.

There are some great sites where you can find a GPS device. Make sure that you do your research in order to find the right device for your and your particular situation.  So finding a hand held navigation unit on sale for under $80 is a great investment and a gift sure to be a hit.

Sep 22

Boston Tea Party

The story of the Boston Tea party is infamous. Here is a short take on the events. In an attempt to keep the British East India company from going out of business the British government forced colonists to purchase their tea. In May 1773, the British parliament passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists, bypassing the colonial wholesale merchants. This helped to lower their cost and sell below other vendors and thus creating a monolpy.The colonists soon revolted and one evening in December boarded three British ships, the Beaver, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth, and dumped forty-five tons of tea into the Boston Harbor.

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Sep 22

Travis Tritts latest hits

Do you have any favorite songs by Travis Tritt? He has a lot of really good songs. Here’s A Quarter might be the one he is best known for. You can hear him on this YouTube video of the song that he said got it all started for him. Imagine if he were playing with a bill kelliher Halcyon Les Paul Guitar in this song.I also like that song Anymore by Travis Tritt. Some other songs you might of heard before are T-R-O-U-B-L-E, The Whiskey Ain’t Working Anymore, Put Some Drive In Your Country, Where the Corn Don’t Grow, Best Intentions, Foolish Pride and Drift Off To Dream.I just wasn’t aware of anything new he might have done or any new albums that might be coming out from this country music superstar. So any Travis Tritt news you might have, be sure to pass it along!

Sep 21

Raymond Weil Watches keep in time and style

Today raymond weil watches withstand the test time of time as far as quality and style. They offer a great selection of watches that meet the highest level of quality and continue to improve on the ageless timepiece the watch.

Sep 21

getting online math help

You can find 5th grade math.

Now when the children get older and start looking for colleges to attend after high school, they may still need online tutoring to get passing grades in college. The higher you go in math, the more difficult it does get. Expert algebra help is available online and all college students should take advantage of it. You can get help 24/7 on any area of math from geometry to Algebra 2. I think most high school students get a good dose of pre-algebra and regular algebra too. Online math tutoring for college algebra help can be used to help us remember the algebra we learned in high school. If your high school didn’t do a good job with teaching algebra; then you may need the free help online to actually learn algebra for the first time.

Sep 20

Finding the look

There are hundreds of best anti wrinkle cream solutions and finding the right one will take some research.

Sep 20

Staying organized

Having a home office has it’s benefits, but you need to be able to stay organized and focused as it can be easy to get distracted when working from home. Having efficient
office furniture can be an essential to keep you organized. Being able to manage you time and workspace is something that take practice if you are away from your home as you are provided with all those tools. You can get more accomplished and your work life balance will be much better if you can master working from home.

Sep 19

Free piano lessons

The other day we were at my daughters talent show that was put on her by her school that was open to all students. It was great to see all the different students showing off their talents from dancing to singing to playing the piano. The one thing that I have always wanted to do was to play the piano. I can punch out a few chords for Star Wars, Chopsticks, and others. But to be able to actually play chords and arrangements would be great. One day I will commit my self to taking lessons and then show off my new talents.

For those of us who do not have all the time to go down to the local piano store you can now get Free piano lessons email newsletter for adults on “Piano Chords & Chord Progressions” This newsletter contains 101 lessons that are sent every 5 days. This is a great tool for us adults who are looking to aquire a new skill.

Sep 19

Refinace rates and what to expect?

There are multiple ways in which to refinance. The one that has been gaining attention is the radio ad promising 1 1/4 % refinancing. When you call, most people will not get that rate, and their fees actually push the rate to over 3%. This is a short term 6 month deal, and then it starts to adjust at the market rate plus 2%. OUCH! unless you only plan on living in your house for 6 months, maybe this is a good deal!
More to come!

Refi Bust: Mortgage Brokers Gone Wild!

Sep 18

The Second Life

Virutal worlds are taking on a life of their own with the huge success of Second life. Second life is a virtual world community where the residents own and make their own world. This has started to catch the eye of many marketers out there as they look for new ways to capture the eye of the internet surfer. One of the companies who has created a great SLurl (Second Life portal) is This is a website that is dedicated to helping the female consumer becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to topics like purchasing a vehicle, maintenance, and alternate fuel sources. AskPatty’s Second Life Page is filled with great avatars and you can really get lost in time when you visit their portal. They have created way to engage their readers and customers to help them understand the automotive world and provide a interactive forum that is sure to attract attention from other prospective advertisers.

Teleport to AskPatty in Second life and check the current contest for a $50K automotive shopping spree. You can see the unique graphics of spark plugs being used throughout the SL portal. They use the various themes to help educate the visitor on e85 which is an alternate fuel source. They call the VW Pontiac’s Motorati Island which also sports a cappuccino bar and fresh baked cookies. Now only if they are able to incorporate the other senses like smell when you are online we may never have to leave the house.

Sep 18

What is the Jones-Act

We heard the term Jones-Act discussed a month ago on TV and wanted to find out what it actually stood for. The Jones-Act helps to define seaman’s rights at sea if they have been injured due to negligence of the vessel or captain. Because many of the seaman are injured in international waters it is important to know and understand their rights as they pertain to US law. A Jones Act lawyer can help you understand those rights and rights to claims should you be injured while at sea.

Sep 17

Finding business services in 2011

You can now find outside business parnter legal translation solutions.

Companies like Merrill Datasite have been helping the Fortune 500 companies with their important financial and critical business information through their due diligence checklist capabilities. Having one location for new start-ups and those companies that are looking to expand their portfolio through acquisition only helps to speed up the process and helps in their due diligence. As companies think more globally and hope to get into some of the growing markets like China they will need language translation services for their current reports which Merrill can offer solutions.

Sep 17

Get your tunes

A new music site has just been released on the web. For those who are looking for music that is off the beaten path then this may be for you. You can sign up for free and then within your Rhythm Section you can view and purchase music from iTunes. At you can create your own wish list and plus it will keep track of the music you do buy so that you do not purchase the same song twice. Try them out to day and let them help you organize your music.

Sep 16

When do you hand out trophies?

This year as my kids get older they are actually awarded soccer trophies for placing in their league. In years past all the teams received medals for their participation and no actual record was kept. This was to make sure that the kids enjoyed the game and not have to worry about the score. While it was much easier to coach there were still parents that felt like their kid was trying out for the national team. I do like handing out trophies, but making them available for everyone on the team at this age to build confidence in their ability.

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Sep 16

Find gazebos for sale

Right now is a great time to search for and find gazebos for sale. Buying now will enable you to save money and get your parts shipped in plenty of time to start your project once the weather starts to warm up. You will have your beautiful new gazebo in place and ready to enjoy when Spring arrives and all the work and effort will be done. Then all you will need to do is invite friends and family in order to celebrate your new oasis.

Sep 16

Vintage looks

The vintage fabrics that are available are comfortable and I must admit that I have purchased a few items that my parents would cringe to see what I have paid. Even some of the clothes that my dad kept around is now back in style and people are paying top dollar for this look. So new is out and vintage is in so break out the old levis as they are back in style.

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