Apr 30

What Fraud and Workplace Investigations Can Do for Any Enterprise

Fraud can cause a lot of loss for a firm. Fraud in the workplace is common, and a firm might lose a lot of money if it fails to remove fraud that is happening within the organisation. It has been seen that even the employees themselves commit most of the fraud in the workplace. What’s more intriguing is the fact that the employees or ordinary workers who commit these acts of fraud do not actually see themselves as committing ‘fraud’.

For many of them, these are usual routine actions. For instance, taking office stationery home, asking for more expenses than are necessary, or asking for overtime wages when they have not actually worked overtime are some of the most common acts of fraud committed by employees. In fact, it is estimated that nearly £15bn is lost annually by UK companies due to these acts. But this is not only in the UK – such fraud in the workplace is committed all the time in all countries.

 How can these acts of fraud be reduced?

The occurrence of fraud in the workplace should be nipped in the bud. First, employees should be educated and told that they are committing fraud, because most of the time, the employees are oblivious to this fact. Then, if the occurrences still continue, workplace investigations by Risq Fraud detection should begin.

Who should carry out the workplace investigation?

Preferably, a person from the workplace should be given this responsibility. This is because the person would know the workplace inside out and also know which employees can actually resort to such acts. The person appointed should be unbiased and objective in nature, and must first investigate which employees could actually do such things.

After zeroing in on the possible culprits, the employees must be informed that an investigation is being carried out against them. While the investigation is being carried out, the employee who is under doubt may be suspended if the employer so desires. This can be done so as to ensure the fairness of the investigation, especially if the fraud is of a great magnitude. An act of fraud of great magnitude involves tampering with the company’s records, among other things. These acts must be heavily punished so that they do not recur again, and investigations have to be carried out by reputed third parties like Risq Fraud Detection, especially in cases where there is no specialist in fraud investigation within the enterprise itself.

What to do in the occurrence of fraud

If the investigation has been carried out and the employee has been found guilty, the employer should seek out a response from the employee, but in written form first. The employee should be given a fixed time to respond. If the response is unsatisfactory, then the employee should be called in to a disciplinary meeting and can be accompanied by a colleague.

After the disciplinary meeting, the employer would decide on the right action. The employee’s contract might be suspended, a disciplinary warning might be issued (a disciplinary warning should be issued in written form and not otherwise), or the employee might be dismissed. It is advisable, however, not dismiss an employee if the employee’s records are otherwise clean.

Tina is a forensic accountant and fraud investigator based in Sweden. She specializes in risk management and writes on a freelance basis for services such as Risq Fraud detection, among others.

Apr 29

Time to get your iPad

Undoubtedly one of the hottest technology items on the market this year is the Apple iPad. It has now set the bar for what tablet devices should offer in the way of online connectivity and book reading. The iPad will change the way people interact with content on the web or their favorite book or movie. Because it is so portable you can literally take it anywhere and with a 10 hour battery it will still be going after a long day. More and more applications are being built for the iPad that will take advantage of it’s large 10 inch color screen. The 3g enables models make surfing the web or interacting with your friends very easy and simple. The ease of use has not been duplicated yet but there are competitors that are releasing various models that will compete with the Apple iPad.

It should be an interesting holiday season as people who have not yet purchased a iPad or tablet PC look to see the various offerings that will be available. While Apple has limited the sale of iPads to their online store and select Best Buys you should start seeing the show up at other retailers like buy.com. I know that this will be on the top of my wish list since I already have an iPhone the iPad will just be a another tool that I can use while on the road. I am hoping that Apple will release a software update that could possibly incorporate the Facetime feature that they now have on the iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch that was just released. It would be amazing to talk and see my family while on the road on a 10 inch screen with the clarity that I have seen on the iPhone 4.

Apr 29

Finding your way with a Nextar X3 GPS

This past Christmas it seemed as everyone one was having a sale on the newest navigation models with new features like touch screen and bluetooth capability. This technology is also causing people to trust their electronic navigation devices and this may not always be a good thing. If you use common sense, understand where you’re going by using an old fashion map, and use a GPS device; then you’re going to do fine in your travels. If you solely rely on technology to find your way for you, this may be an accident waiting to happen.

Devices like the Nextar X3 is one such navigation device that we saw for sale at buy.com for under $70. With its 3.5 inch touch screen LCD it is big enough to help you find your way and the simplicity of the touch screen can fit almost any learning curve.

Apr 28

Auto insurance review

Finding a good reputable auto insurance agent can be tough. When we relocated from Pennsylvania to Washington I was amazed of the differences in costs that we were quoted on our car insurance. I thought getting a car insurance quote was going to be fast and simple, but it turned out that there was lot more needed to just find a cost comparison. You can find a great mercury insurance review for one of the fastest growing insurers in the US. There are sites that are dedicated to helping streamline the process so you just enter your information once and then several agents are contacting on your behalf and then you get to choose which product and policy is right for you.

Apr 28

The Second Life

Virutal worlds are taking on a life of their own with the huge success of Second life. Second life is a virtual world community where the residents own and make their own world. This has started to catch the eye of many marketers out there as they look for new ways to capture the eye of the internet surfer. One of the companies who has created a great SLurl (Second Life portal) is AskPatty.com. This is a website that is dedicated to helping the female consumer becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to topics like purchasing a vehicle, maintenance, and alternate fuel sources. AskPatty’s Second Life Page is filled with great avatars and you can really get lost in time when you visit their portal. They have created way to engage their readers and customers to help them understand the automotive world and provide a interactive forum that is sure to attract attention from other prospective advertisers.

Teleport to AskPatty in Second life and check the current contest for a $50K automotive shopping spree. You can see the unique graphics of spark plugs being used throughout the SL portal. They use the various themes to help educate the visitor on e85 which is an alternate fuel source. They call the VW Pontiac’s Motorati Island which also sports a cappuccino bar and fresh baked cookies. Now only if they are able to incorporate the other senses like smell when you are online we may never have to leave the house.

Apr 27

Five Reasons To Start Working From Home

Many people every year decide to pack in their jobs and try to start their own business working from home. Their reasons for doing so vary from case to case. However, the common theme is that they realize that there are a number of opportunities both in their careers and personal lives by having their own business, and having that extra time at home.
Here are five reasons why working from home is a good option when starting your own business:

Apr 27

Printing without wires on the Epson Artisan 810

Thanks to the new printers like the Epson Artisan 810 hooking up your printer to your wireless network is simple. Plus adding its other functions such as scanning and faxing to your network is just as simple. It is a high end color ink jet printer with an impressive 3.5″ touchscreen LCD to help print,copy, and scan.

You can find the new Epson Artisan printer on sale at buy.com where they are offering free shipping and this weeks special price below $200. These new printers are now setting the standard in home printing and creating a new way for families to save money and print on demand. The use of the internet now to send images and then have them printed at remote destinations is helping to create a new industry and the ne smartphones are even tagging onto the ability to print through wi-fi.

Apr 26

New Trends in Technology and Pharmaceutical Research

Internet technology has revolutionized the medical research world. Today, fieldwork implements many of the advantages that the latest technology has to offer. This translates into more reliable and faster data collection. Even though the human element remains an essential ingredient, fieldwork puts internet technology to work for today’s medical researcher.

New Demands Require New Answers

The pharmaceutical research world has become intensely competitive. Each year brings new challenges for even large and well-recognized companies. Now, with fieldwork agencies, tremendous leverage is available to any sized company. Online medical panels, for example, can deliver access to teams of well-experienced physicians in a short time. Now the doctors don’t have to be part of the company conducting the research as it can all be done under contract with the fieldwork agency. In this case, the assembly of a team of doctors requires essentially no investment of time.

Power in the Hands of Many

This new reality levels the playing field as time savings are extended to every client, big or small. Large physician and patient panels are ready to go at a moment’s notice, and the time from research to project completion has been reduced dramatically.

Targeted client lists are cross matched to the company’s client list with special software, and the interview processes are all automated for fast and efficient data entry and retrieval. All of this translates into faster research project launch times.

Virtual Meeting and Interviewing

Perhaps this is where technology is at its strongest. That is, the ability to bring persons together online. Interviewers and respondents can be in contact virtually, saving huge amounts of money and time. The best fieldwork agencies manage this technology easily, but they also know that the personal element still matters. For instance, comfortable viewing facilities make people more relaxed and able to accomplish the task at hand.

Managing the Data Requires Solid Technology and Skill

Medical and pharmaceutical research projects these days often measure multiple outcomes. They can also have different project arms that move at different rates. A solid programming base is essential in order for the data to be properly processed. But the human element cannot be forgotten. While coordinating clients, physicians and respondents, things can get tricky. Experienced hands make a big difference in the quality of the final research product.

Beyond the Reach of Technology

The intangible element is often overlooked by agencies that are over-automated. For example, research trends and local market characteristics always carry a significant impact. This might even imply changing the goals of the entire study. Here again, an experienced team of directors can make or break the project.


Today’s medical research teams face a multitude of challenges. The availability of technology makes things faster and easier. However, experience and quality must be part of the mixture. In this way reliable and professional studies are produced. The best fieldwork agencies know how to skillfully manage every aspect of the research process, be it technical or human.

Resource Box:

John Wilkins is a freelance writer with over ten years of experience in the medical sector. He knows that Online medical panels are among the best medical fieldwork resources.

Apr 26

Your favorite concert

I was in a class where they asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell the class what was our first concert. My first concert was Janet Jackson for the 1814 tour. I was in high school and actually won the concert tickets on a radio call in show. It was a total fluke that I won, and so I figure I would take a good friend and go watch Ms. Janet. The concert was actually quite good, but we were one of the few members of the audience without some gang affiliation.

Apr 25

Berries for Moms birthday

If you are looking for some great ideas for your mothers birthday why not look at berries for mom. These various chocolate dipped berries come in several different styles and the presentation is beautiful.If your Mom loves chocolate and fruit then this gift will blow her away and will be something that she will enjoy and remember. This is also a gift that she can share with the family and you can order in half or full dozen assortments. A tasty treat for your mom’s birthday that she can share with her family along with her favorite ice cream cake.

Apr 25

How To Set Goals: Ultimate Goal Setting Guide to Having Your Best Year Ever

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Apr 24

Working for yourself

There are thousands of work at home opportunities and you can check out the latest smc scam updates here.

A great new resource that has become available for those looking for smc corp information. They help to match up interested parties with home based opportunities. You should check out smc complaints to see what others are saying about their success and their obstacles with working Specialty Merchandise Corporation. You can even check out their FAQ before signing up to make sure you are comfortable with their company and what they have to offer.

Apr 24

Draw in New Visitors by Buffing up Web Design in Poole

A large seaport, Poole has had an interesting history including Viking invasions as well as participating as the third largest embarkation location for troops during World War II. Due to its illustrious place in England’s history, it is very vitally important that history is kept alive and continue to draw in new visitors to the town!

Attracting new visitors in a world where there’s something new on every corner, however, isn’t as easy as it looks. Today, everyone can be distracted by the internet or simply the lack of funds to visit a new place, even for a day trip. To maximize the potential of visitors to the town AND web surfing consumers, companies such as web design Poole firm create stunningly visual websites for business promotion.

Considering the options:

 New Attractions:

 Many towns constantly add new attractions to lure visitors in to their shores and convince them to spend a few days exploring the facilities and attractions. This can work for some towns to attract new visitors, but in a town as old as Poole, though, the attractions may actually be…

Old Attractions:

 History is a great draw for many people to travel. Churches, historical sites, and the Poole Quay are all great attractions for visitors to come see. The Quay has some of the most interesting architecture in the city and tourists can meander down by the water and take in the feeling of an old-time port. With plenty of historic buildings along with a healthy dose of restaurants and pubs, Poole is full to bursting with history and fun.

However, plenty of people don’t always know those tidbits about a place and in order to learn about it, they take to the internet! These days, the internet is full of information about everything anyone could ever want to know about anything. That includes Poole! In order to draw in new visitors to a specific town or business, having a promotional website conceived, designed and published by companies such as web design Poole firm is a winning choice.

Restaurants and pubs are often hidden away, known only by locals. However, by using a local web design service, they can open up local menus to the world. Poole has some great local cuisine but without knowing it’s there, many visitors may pass right by. Let the world know your business is there, where it is and what it sells. If your business isn’t on the web I’ll hazard a guess that many of your local competitors are.

Poole is a unique seaside town with an interestingly unique history behind it. Visitors will want to come here and experience just how unique it really is. By bringing in more tourists, the economy improves and production and quality of life go up as well.

Improve your local community and improve your business profile with a professionally designed and published website. The proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating.

Emily Roberts is a freelance writer who enjoys learning new things with each article she writes and giving back to the community. When asked about web design Poole firms, she has researched many and advises business owners on the best route to getting a web presence online.

Apr 23

Searching for a review on clearpores

Laser hair removal can be an attractive alternative to waxing, shaving, and other methods for hair removal, it may not be the best choice for everyone.Those with naturally dark skin or deep tans may not gain much benefit from laser hair removal because of the increase in blistering and discoloration. This is also true about acne treatment solutions that can help you repair damaged skin. It can be tough to understand which treatments may be right for your skin. You can find clearpores review here that sheds some light on what this product can do to help clear up your skin. Although improvements have been made in the use of lasers, people with darker skin still often require multiple sessions to achieve a desired affect.

Apr 23

Experienced Sales Manager Explains 5 Key Aspects to Consider when Searching for a Job

I am currently employed with a company that provides consumables, parts and raw materials to manufacturers found within the solar panel and optical media industry. I had applied for this job after visiting the company’s website. They had a position available for someone with sales management experience. I submitted my application, made some calls but was unable to do anything other than leave a message. Unfortunately, I never heard back from them and assumed that the opportunity was either lost or that they had filled the position.

It wasn’t until a year later that I got a call and a follow up interview. In this case, I didn’t find this job using Monster.com, Craigslist.org or any other placement tool. I found it by doing research online. In hindsight, I would have been better served being more proactive, and less reactive. I should have continued calling until I got a response about the availability of the position.

Social networking sites played no role in my securing this position. I found the position by searching online. The company itself never advertised this position via any social networking sites or job boards. I found the job listing by researching local businesses within my town. It happened fairly quickly, although the actual interview and hiring period only occurred a year later.

However, in-between this period, I was actively pursuing opportunities through various social networking sites. Unfortunately, I think my efforts were misguided. Instead of focusing on networking with likeminded individuals, individuals in the same field and with similar experiences, I often found myself socializing more than identifying possible employment opportunities. However, this may have had more to do with the current state of the economy and lull in hiring.

First, I would discuss my strong experience in commodity based sales approaches. Second, I would focus on my overall sales experience and understanding of the importance of managing customer expectations. Third, I would include a professional profile of sales and supply contracts I had successfully negotiated or won during my career. Fourth, I would make sure to accentuate my bilingualism. Finally, I would do a much better job of using my references.

Unfortunately, since I was looking for employment while employed, I thought it best to keep my references separate from the interview process. I did not establish enough references outside my immediate surroundings. It would have been best if I had references from customers and colleagues from prior jobs and careers. Instead, I kept my contacts to my existing coworkers and peers, and I couldn’t use those unless I wanted them to know I was actively looking for a job! It was a bad move on my part.

I currently use Linkedin.com and rely less and less on Facebook or Myspace as these social networking sites are less professional than I like. They tend to cater to those wanting to socialize with friends and family, rather than networking with other professionals and peers. If I had to find another job, it would definitely start by going to Linkedin.com. Their services allow you to network with professionals who have similar career aspirations.

My worst interview occurred with a company where Vice-President of US based sales was the owner’s son. While I had heard of the dangers of nepotism, I was unaware of the relationship until I was in the interview process. I was supposed to be interviewed by someone else, but it changed at the last minute. While the interview itself went well, I was somewhat shocked at how it ended. Towards the end, I had a list of questions about the company’s stock price, its market share and its long-term aspirations within an economy and industry whose growth had stabilized.

To my amazement, the Vice President refused to answer any questions, was offended and ended the interview by stating; “Who is doing the interviewing, me or you?”. I later learned that he had never hired or interviewed anyone directly. In fact, he himself had been given the position from his father right after he finished university. I chalked up his lack of professionalism to his experience outside of his family run company.

I learned about the importance of doing research on the company’s management, more so than just its market position or share price. I personally feel that it’s important to understand who owns the company, who fills management positions and the overall history of the company itself, as much as it is to know what position the company holds in its market. However, I have several friends who work for family run companies who seem very happy, so perhaps this was just a single bad experience and not indicative of the majority of family run businesses.

I did not use any services offered by my university’s career services program. At the time I was looking for this current position, I had already completed University and had been active in the working world.

If I could redo one event from my professional career, it would have to be making my ideas heard earlier in my career. I made the mistake of remaining quiet and focusing too much on my own success. Sales professionals are counted on to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and to produce results. This “go it alone” mentality can become a problem if left unchecked.

I started to think solely about my own needs, my own success and didn’t take the time to reflect upon the efforts and teamwork from coworkers and peers. That mindset made me single-minded and unwilling to share my ideas. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have improved my career prospects a lot sooner. I am now of the opinion that it is always best to put forth your ideas and push for both personal and professional development at all times.

Apr 22

Coaster furniture and your new home

We are moving into a new home at the end of March and we have realized that the new decor does not match up to our current furnishings. Finding and purchasing Coaster furniture is great in this day and age with sites like homeandliving.com. They have a huge choice of different manufacturers to choose and offer something for every taste and room. Their site is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. They have a  nice gallery of images to help you see different angles of the furniture which most site will just show you one picture of the piece of furniture. Their furniture categories help to divide up the various rooms so that you can be more specific in the room and style your are shopping for.

For example we are looking at kitchen nook furniture to match our new granite counter tops and cabinets. They have some great selections that will help us match our cabinets and tie in the granite counter tops. So if you are looking for new furniture and need to get some ideas you can check out homeandliving.com and see what they have to offer.

Apr 22

Investing in real estate

Winter Park real estate can help you develop a long term investment strategy for you and your dependents.

Apr 21

The coming age franchise opportunities

The term franchise invokes a sense of high profit business, which should be hassle free in nature. Usually people acquire franchise of such brands, which are already established or seem to become popular and yielding good profits. Thus-franchising is investing your resources for marketing some product or some kind of service to market according to that brand’s standards and policies. Since its inception, the system of franchising had been exciting and promising. People actively seek for a promising franchise to invest their resources. It is because doing business as franchise involves less efforts as you would be playing on someone else’s production. It means you would have lesser chances of failure too.

A good franchise deal would be one in which there is a least amount of risk. The factor of risks is born when you face some kind of competition. Competition in market affects directly to your sales. To survive in market you need to be better than your competitors. And if you are not able to cope up your sales will fall. Thus, raises a chance of your failure. So, one should judge aptly before seeking any form of franchise opportunity. With the evolution, the coming age franchise opportunities are those which are web based. Internet serves with multiple categories of applications. One such is internet marketing franchise. Franchise opportunities are completely web based among-st other n number of franchising opportunities available.

With web based franchise opportunity, you are always standing in the profitable side. The reach of the internet is limitless. It connects the whole world, virtually. With web based franchise opportunity you enjoy a world of endless possibilities. Your clients can be anyone and their geographical location might be thousands of kilometers away from you. It does not matter at all when you are web based. This advantage of high prominence of a web based franchise makes it a coming age franchise opportunity. Investing in one such will always be a great deal.

The fact which requires a considerable amount of pondering is credibility. The decision of investing your resources on an opportunity should be made after doing a thorough verification of the credibility of that opportunity. The factors which play key roles in garnering credibility of an opportunity are multiple. Get a gist of all aspects of the product or service which is being offered by your franchise provider. You should consider that whether this opportunity is worth your value of investment. You should research about the possible market of products or services which are being offered by your franchise provider. Choose a popular product like web designing service as by franchise opportunities. Also, you should always perform a deep study of the contract and procedures involved.

The magnitude of your profits obviously depends on your skills. But the amount of assistance offered by your franchise provider is also integral factor. If you seek an active amount of assistance in complete procedure you can opt for franchise opportunities. To be successful, judge all aspects and then invest. Always play safe.

Apr 21

Earning online

You can also earn cash from your referrals when they surf their 25 websites each day at AdVentures4U.com. Your referral earnings are paid weekly too and these are paid at midnight on Wednesday. Once again you will have 24 hours to request your referral earnings as a cash payout or you can just leave it alone and new Ventures will automatically be bought with your referral earnings. So there is two great ways to earn money at Ad Ventures 4U and this happens twice each week! People stay motivated with this online program, because they do get to see their Venture totals increasing every few days.

It just takes 10 dollars to get your feet wet and this will buy your first 10 Ventures. You can also continue to promote the programs you’re already promoting online and mostly upgraded members will be viewing your sites at this traffic exchange. I have found referrals for other programs I promote here and it’s just another bonus you get for being a member of AdVentures4U. This is a super easy program anyone can earn money from and this is why you see so many people online promoting this great money making opportunity. How many places online give you a chance to earn a substantial amount of money; while promoting the websites you’re already promoting?

On Monday I went over the 100 Venture mark and counting the referral earnings from Thursday, I now have 108 Ventures! It will be much easier earning my 2nd one hundred Ventures, because I will continue to earn more each week and maybe I will get lucky with another referral that chooses to upgrade. Everyone should be a member here and it just takes 10 dollars from your Alert Pay account to get started. You won’t regret trying this online program and I know at least a dozen others that are just as excited about this program as I am.

Apr 20

Protect your PC

McAfee is a leading provider of firewall and virus protection.

You can find this and other products on sale. See if you see any that having raving reviews about them. You will probably have to spend a little money for a good one. It’s a small price to pay, for having some extra security on your computer.

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