Jun 29

A massage chair to come home too

If you have ever wanted to try a relaxing addition to your home then a massage chair may be just the ticket. These chairs are programmable with different settings from a slow deep tissue massage to a faster more intense massage. You may have seen similar chairs at the mall that you can sit in and pay $5 for 5 minutes. I have found that there are numerous features that each one has so be sure to make sure that if you do invest in one that offers multiple settings. Having this chair to come home to after a long day at work can help you unwind and forget about the stress of the day.

Jun 28

Vintage t-shirts

You can see the latest vintage t shirts that are coming back in style like the Popeye and Superman shirts. I love how kids are wearing these t shirts and many may have never seen a Popeye cartoon.

Jun 28

2012 New Years Prediction and the 100 day challenge review

I’m going to predict your future!

Forgive me in advance if this rubs a bit too close to the bone.

It’s not meant to be offensive, but it is meant to be objective.
(I’ll explain in a second.)

1. You will break your resolutions by the end of January.

2. You will make the same amount of money as the average of your
last 5 year’s total income.

3. You will gain 2 pounds of body fat.

4. You will struggle with the same habits, patterns, and behaviors
that you always have.

5. You will get to the end of the year and have made very little
progress in your life.

Why do I make these predictions?

Well, statistically speaking, that’s what will happen to almost
everyone, including you.

So, it’s a safe bet that the same will happen to you this year.

That is, if you don’t make some necessary changes and STICK TO THEM.

I know … I know …

What nerve? Who the heck am I to say such things?


No one can make accurate predictions about an individual. Only
about populations.

The fact is, it’s only the people who are outside of the “NORM”
that really do anything significant with their lives.

So, are those people made that way?

Is it just the luck of fate or genetics?

C’mon, both you and I know better than that.

In fact, I’d like to introduce you to someone that has a large
volume of evidence that shows that exactly the opposite is true.

The fact is, success “can” be reverse engineered and reproduced.

You don’t have to accept what everyone else is getting but you MUST
make a few new choices.

Suppose you decided today – right now – that you’re finally serious
about making a REAL commitment to turning your dreams into
actions… AND your goals into achievements.

And suppose you had more fun doing it than you ever imagined!

It can happen… but you need to be challenged and you’ve got to
take the first bold step.

Is this going to be the year you accomplish all you’ve dreamed

You can do it, and I’ve found a way that will show you how.

Say hello to Gary Ryan Blair and the 100 Day Challenge!

This extreme goal achievement and performance acceleration program
will be the kick in the behind you need so YOU can change your life
for the better, and I mean MUCH BETTER!

All you have to do is say YES, I’m ready for a challenge, and Gary
will show you how to make this the best year of your life!

I recommend the program, I recommend that you act quickly, and more
importantly I recommend Gary as he is the BEST at what he does.

Click here to turn your dreams into reality.

You’ll love this very special program!

Sherri R

P.S. I almost forgot, the best part is that you can take it for a
7-day test-drive and prove to yourself how powerful it really is!

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Jun 28

Real Estate foreclosures

We were reading some of the latest updates on the housing market and areas that are still seeing foreclosures while others are now starting to see growth. In many parts of the country there are still bank foreclosures that are taking place and this is still dragging down the economy in those areas. One area we were surprised to see harder time in real estate is in the NC Outer Banks ares. The rate of  foreclosures, an island off of the Outer Banks is still seeing some properties turning over to foreclosure which in a small town can have a huge impact.

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Jun 28

Are you buying?

In our neighborhood there is a lot of building going on despite all the reports about the housing market slowing down as interest rates increase. The real estate wher e we live in Washington is apparently not affected by the rest of the country. As the houses are built they continue to sell and their prices seem to escalate every month. This is great news for us as our housing value will surely rise, and give us more equity in our home much sooner.

Jun 28

Faucet valve replacement

delta faucets

Since we had Delta faucets throughout the house we had the warranty paperwork that shows they have a lifetime warranty on these cylinders.

Jun 27

SMART Goals: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

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Jun 27

All About Texas’ Electric Choice Program

Texans are the beneficiaries of an intentional “Power to Choose” program. Many other states have competing electrical providers, but the objective in Texas is to allow people to make power choices for ethical and economic reasons. It reflects the growing American conscience about how they consume electricity. It also reflects the fluctuating prices for different resources. Oil, coal, and natural gas rise and fall in price. People who make specific choices hope to save money if they think one natural resource will run out of control.

The Price of Natural Resources

Many power plants burn coal, oil, and natural gas. It is possible to build these power plants most anywhere, because the resources can be piped or barged without interruption. Modern design even eliminates the need for ample water, because efficient cooling systems allow a power plant to reuse the steam that pushes its turbines. The twentieth century saw many diesel power plants built, because oil was cheap at that time. Some people are concerned that oil will run out or that prices will skyrocket overnight. This is unlikely, because Texas has major oil fields in its own back yard. The future will still likely see a gradual increase in the cost of petroleum products.

Coal Will Likely Stay Cheap

Electricity generated with coal has a bad reputation because it pumps out so much carbon dioxide. The truth is that the United States has vast coal reserves and the cost of mining it has decreased over the decades. Coal will stay cheap, and efforts are increasingly made to sequester at least part of all that carbon dioxide. The good news is that all coal plants in the US has to scrub out dirty particles like fly ash, so coal is not as dirty today as it was in the past. It provides steady power with little chance of interruption.

Texas Supports Energy Entrepreneurship

People who do not like coal still have their options. More and more private citizens are generating their own power. Some generate so much power that it becomes available for others and the state of Texas ends up paying them. Texas offers the “Power to Choose” both because it is politically useful and because Texas sees that many small independent power plants might decrease the load for major power companies. A surprising number of people have solar panels and wind turbines on their properties, and use these installations to generate extra income.

You Have Your Choice

A person living near a specific power plant does not have to buy electricity from it. They can get their power from one of the hundreds of independents. Different options entail different price tags, and getting your energy from an alternative source might actually be cheaper. Otherwise, choosing one utility company over another might be a long term investment. The price of natural resources can fluctuate, and some people fear the consequences of buying electricity from an outfit that burns oil. The “electric choice” also means being able to generate your own. Solar panels are expensive up front, but they pay for themselves over a few years. Without mechanical parts, solar panels can last for decades. Texas is also blessed with ample sunshine.

Natasha Risinger is an energy researcher. Her articles mainly appear on eco-related websites. Click the link TEXASELECTRICITYPROVIDERS.COM to learn more.

Jun 26

Take the doubt out of your marketing and SEO strategy

No-one (and I mean no-one) likes throwing money away. If you’re in business you’ll know it is essential in maximising return on investment, regardless of what that the investment is. But how do you quantify investment with regard to return when it comes to optimising a website for search returns and page ranking in Google? If you’re like most owners of websites you’ll have little to no idea. If you recognise yourself in this little scenario, a try before you buy SEO service will suit you right down to the ground.

What is SEO anyway?

SEO is the acronym used to describe search engine optimisation. SEO is an element of digital marketing which is used (in the main) to drive targeted visitor traffic to a commercial website. The strategy comprises keywords and phrases placed within human readable page content. Inbound links from authoritative websites and blogs are another element, as too are outbound links and internal hyper links. Then of course there are contextual links, image tagging and connecting with social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms.

Are you any the wiser?

If you do not know what you’re doing you can waste an awful lot of time and resources and still be no further forward than when you started six months down the line. If there is one thing you should do, it is take the guess work out of SEO and engage the services of an expert digital marketing and SEO agency. Go down this route and make sure your chances of online success are maximised; additionally, if an agency is offering a results oriented ‘try before you buy’ service you would be at best foolish not to snap it up. 

Do not throw money at the problem

If your website isn’t doing too well in Google rankings, or maybe it is way up the rankings but conversion rates are poor it could be due to several factors. One such problem for webmasters and website owners is the wrong keywords inserted in webpage readable content. It is an annoying fact of SEO life that the most popular keywords do not always deliver value for money, targeted traffic.

Unless you’re researching constantly, the keywords currently in use on your website pages may be out of date. Consequently this may be the cause of your website falling down the rankings. There may be other underlying reasons which, if they are addressed by an SEO expert, can rapidly be tweaked, changed and the slide reversed.

If an SEO agency is offering a trial run and guarantees a front page ranking for your website, and all you have to do is pay on results, as the saying goes; “bite their fingers off”. You pay once the targets and goals are achieved. This way you will not be throwing “good money after bad” and still be assured of a high ranking.

A company which places its reputation on the line with such an offer is a guarantee of success. You have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

Graham Green is a freelance writer, blogger and owner of two online businesses. Engaging pay on results SEO has been the most productive element to promote and improve sales.

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Jun 25

Protecting your eyes

This can be very beneficial for those that are in the market for motorcycle sunglasses. With as much sun and other elements that they are exposed while riding around it is important to have the best protection.

Jun 25

Free games and traffic to your site

We just started our own Free Online games site to test the waters. As of one week, the results are mixed. According to our stats we are actually getting about 500 unique visitors per day, with little to no advertising. We are following the basic SEO rules on submitting and linking to our site. We invite all interested customers to stop by and try it out.We have been averaging about 500 visits a day, so not a bad start since we only started in mid-June. in online games
Free Games
We are looking to add over 1300 games, and selling the ad inventory to prospective clients. We are using a great one-way linking provider called: SimpleSite Links which can be found below:

Simple Site Links - free reciprocal, one-way and multisite linking

Jun 24

Time for new babies

I am amazed at how many birth announcements that we have received in the past month. It appears that August and September where the months to have babies. We recently welcomed a two new additions to our extended family alone. And with the five other friends that just had their new babies that makes 7 all together. It was interesting that 6 of the 7 were girls and not one of them shared the same name. I remember trying to pick out a girls name that was not that trendy but still had character and something that would still sound great later in life.

Jun 24

Brand to generic

Appetite suppressants have been around for a long time and they have only been refined and become more specific in their targeting. Phentermine is one of the most commonly prescribed prescription appetite suppressant. 50 % of the prescriptions for appetite suppressants are written with this compound in the product. It is generic and is more costly than it’s brand name competitors such as Meridia and Xenical.  It was previously sold by Bristol Myers Squib under the brand name Fastin.

Jun 23

Soccer in the US for 2009

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster if you follow the US National Soccer team. From the great upset against Spain and then the heartbreak loss against Brazil in the FIFA cup the sport has taken on new enthusiasm than it has over the past 10 years. Many of the teams gear and jerseys are on sale with the success of the local players and the popularity of the Major Soccer League. Soccer is one sport that more and more kids are playing and we are now starting to see that talent at the professional level. In the NW we have the Seattle Sounders which have created a whole new fan base and are selling out their games each and every week. The US National team is making waves as the younger players are stepping up and the veteran players are helping them out on the big stage.
soccerThe soccer game is on for this year.

Jun 23

Great Disney vacation deals

WDWLast night it was announced that the airlines are lowering their airfare due to cheaper oil and gas prices. This is now a great time to look at Florida vacations deals like those that are being offered around Walt Disney World where the flights can be had for under $300 from the West coast and under $200 from the East coast with rooms and tickets starting at $258 for 3 days/2 nights packages. You can stay at local resorts that are just minutes from the main park and situated close to the other theme parks like Sea World and other Florida attractions. The hotels and parks are offerings some great Disney vacation deals to help kick start the summer vacation season so don’t delay and get started now.

Jun 22

Experience the good life

For the price of a normal cruise you and your friends and can enjoy your own personal yacht. You can travel to islands and ports that the big ships are unable to get too due to their size. Crewed yacht charters are great way to travel and provide a vacation experience like no other. These are fully staffed boats to attend to your every need, and make you feel like the rich and famous.

baot The vessels that you have available will depend on your party size and destination. This is one example of the magnificent yachts that can be chartered for a 3 day or longer cruise.

Jun 22

Can you get quick weight loss

You can find various diet supplements and compare prices even the ones with the popular weight loss supplements. Many supplements acts like an appetite suppressant and helps to trick the brain to thinking that it is full. This presents a quick weight loss option for many and along with a balanced diet and exercise this may be a helpful tool in the fight against obesity. Those that are trying to lose weight should carefully weigh the options and ask their providers before starting any weight loss program.

Jun 21

Doing business online

Most people who make purchases online will usually by credit card or through some online payment system. There are still quite a few consumers who are reluctant to give their credit card online so merchants have turned to offering a phone check system that allows the customer to make their purchase and the safeguard for the merchant is that the check can be cashed that same day. With checks in a normal retail world merchants would have to go through a check clearing process which could take a day or two and then the check could end up bouncing. By using an online system you can verify the amount and validity in faster time frame. This will give you another option to attract new customers to your site.

Jun 21

Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals

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Jun 21

Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals (Worksmart)

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