Oct 05

Saving on office supplies

In my current role with my company I have the luxury of working out of my home without having to report travel into a main office. I am in the field with my reps 4 out of the 5 days, but I do get one office day per week. Working in an office is much easier since you have all the tools you need such copiers, filing space, and other discount office supplies. With the latest in technology for video and web conferencing I am able to stay in touch with colleagues across the country without having to jump on a plane. So having my home office is a great advantage to traveling and being close to my team and customers.

Oct 04

Soccer is gaining steam

The US has been slow to adopt soccer but we are catching up to the rest of the world. I have never been a fan of sports jerseys for soccer or any other sport but this year I will be buying a US team jersey to help cheer on them on next year as they play in the next World Cup. The largest sporting event in the world. I have always played soccer from when I was young and through high school and now I have the chance to coach my kids and we sit down and watch the Sounders or the National team and they really enjoy watching the game played at the higher level and then try and use the same moves that see in the games in their own games. With some of the new soccer stadiums with their VIP press boxes they are going to compete with some of the other major sports here in the US> Soccer is becoming a very popular sport here in the US and the gear and clothing is more widely available so that almost anyone can learn to play or at least dress like you know how to play the game.

Oct 03

Online printing services

Businesses are now using online printing services to help reduce costs and improve turnaround for large and small projects. One of the major office supply costs for any business is toner and ink. Using an outside vendor who has high tech equipment can actually help realize costs savings because you are not having to monitor overall printer costs. It was thought that most medium to small businesses would completely do away with paper with email. This has proven to be the opposite effect. Now people want to print out the emails along with the attached powerpoint slides which can cost several dollars if you are printing in color.

Oct 03

Metal daybed frames in modern times

You can really find some nice pieces for the bedroom these days. It’s a long ways from the way Charles and Carolyn’s bedroom looked from the Little House of Prairie days. They could never imagine just how nice the contemporary bedroom furniture could be in 2011. I’m glad to have all the improvements like metal daybed frames we have now compared to the way Walnut Grove was living long ago. I’m not sure I could have survived in those times and I never take for granted all the modern inventions that I get to take advantage of everyday. While our bedrooms might seem great now, I just wonder what they would be like a hundred years from now. Just imagine if you were trying to tell people back then; they could have a water bed if they wanted one. I’m happy for now for the bedrooms of today!

Oct 02

Rogers takes Texas Hold Em Tournament

It was a night filled with lots of hopes and dreams to take home the coveted St. John Vianney Texas Hold Em tournament cup. At the end it was none other than unknown Jeff Rogers who was able to outplay the other 30 participants. It was the final hand and Jeff goes all in on a Ace / 5 off suite. ” I was just thinking this was the time to move all in and take this opponent out.” The flop produced 5,6,9 and my opponent had the 6and 7 of diamonds. The turn came up with an Ace. The river produced a Q of spades and it was all over. I have to thank all those that believed in me and those whom I have lost to in the past, I will return.


Oct 02

How do you say your sorry

There are earrings now available. This adds insult to injury when you go out to make the purchase and she looks at you like you have just offered a broom and mop and expect her to clean the house. For most of us it is best just to throw ourselves on the sword and swallow our pride to help shorten the cycle and move on. Although making up can be quite fun.

Oct 01

Fall clothing for men already

This years Fall fashions in men’s clothing is taking a look back at a nostalgic look. I noticed that the leather bomber jackets with the wool collar appear to be coming back in style. In addition men’s vest for both casual and business dress will be making their comeback. I have always loved the vest look with a suit because it can help give you a more refined look. Even some of the hip hop clothes are making a style change to reflect a more traditional look. I have actually held onto some suits that had a matching vest so within the next few weeks I will be breaking those out with a nice blue silk tie and get ahead of fashion in our area

Oct 01

Increasing your companies profit

FedEx was noted in case study where they partnered with some of their IT vendors to provide solutions for their package tracking and service centers. The result was a $100,000 dollars in savings per day, and shaving at least one day of some their shipments in some of their shipping lanes. As they were looking to implement a more sophisticated Tracking management system, they were having problems with their vendor. The technology would move FedEx from a two-tiered client/server application to mulit-tiered web based platform. What they found that it would benefit everyone involved if all their IT vendors were channeled through one source enabling better communication and better understanding of business crititcal needs.Â

Acorn Systems , makers of IT value management software, enables meaningful and sustained profit improvement by providing continuous enterprise-wide visibility into business performance. Our solutions enable you to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more. At Acorn Systems they help to provide resources and solutions that will interface with your current systems to start impacting bottom line profit.

Sep 30

Webhosting Reviews

If you own a website or blog then you know the importance of having your site up and running so that your customers or fans can have access to your site. There are hundreds if not thousands of books on how to properly configure your site so that search engines can find you and place your site at the top of the listings. All this hard work can go to waste if your site or blog is not up and running due to hosting issues. I have been online and blogging for about 9 years and have know the joys and pains of having your hosting account go down. Finding a reliable website hosting company is not as easy as you would think. There were only a handful just a few short years ago and now it seems that everyone is getting into the hosing business and cloud computing is the newest buzzword.
I can tell you first hand that the biggest mistake you can make is basing your decision on price. While many hosting companies will offer special deals to gain your business the end result may less than satisfactory. Keep in mind that I am talking about shared hosting. Dedicated and VPS hosting are very different and cost a lot per month. For those of us that are looking for a reliable web hosting company you want to do your research. I have been a fan of Bluehost as they have hosted several of our blogs for the past 8 years and nothing really major has happened. One thing you need to watch out for is all shared hosting sites will list unlimited hosting, transfer and storage. You will also see 99.9% uptime guarantee. Make sure that you search out reviews on the potential hosing company and see what others have to say. You can always try a host for 60-90 days and see for yourself since most will offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Remember that having a reliable and supportive host can be one of the most important decisions you make when putting your business online.

Sep 30

All About Texas’ Electric Choice Program

Texans are the beneficiaries of an intentional “Power to Choose” program. Many other states have competing electrical providers, but the objective in Texas is to allow people to make power choices for ethical and economic reasons. It reflects the growing American conscience about how they consume electricity. It also reflects the fluctuating prices for different resources. Oil, coal, and natural gas rise and fall in price. People who make specific choices hope to save money if they think one natural resource will run out of control.

The Price of Natural Resources

Many power plants burn coal, oil, and natural gas. It is possible to build these power plants most anywhere, because the resources can be piped or barged without interruption. Modern design even eliminates the need for ample water, because efficient cooling systems allow a power plant to reuse the steam that pushes its turbines. The twentieth century saw many diesel power plants built, because oil was cheap at that time. Some people are concerned that oil will run out or that prices will skyrocket overnight. This is unlikely, because Texas has major oil fields in its own back yard. The future will still likely see a gradual increase in the cost of petroleum products.

Coal Will Likely Stay Cheap

Electricity generated with coal has a bad reputation because it pumps out so much carbon dioxide. The truth is that the United States has vast coal reserves and the cost of mining it has decreased over the decades. Coal will stay cheap, and efforts are increasingly made to sequester at least part of all that carbon dioxide. The good news is that all coal plants in the US has to scrub out dirty particles like fly ash, so coal is not as dirty today as it was in the past. It provides steady power with little chance of interruption.

Texas Supports Energy Entrepreneurship

People who do not like coal still have their options. More and more private citizens are generating their own power. Some generate so much power that it becomes available for others and the state of Texas ends up paying them. Texas offers the “Power to Choose” both because it is politically useful and because Texas sees that many small independent power plants might decrease the load for major power companies. A surprising number of people have solar panels and wind turbines on their properties, and use these installations to generate extra income.

You Have Your Choice

A person living near a specific power plant does not have to buy electricity from it. They can get their power from one of the hundreds of independents. Different options entail different price tags, and getting your energy from an alternative source might actually be cheaper. Otherwise, choosing one utility company over another might be a long term investment. The price of natural resources can fluctuate, and some people fear the consequences of buying electricity from an outfit that burns oil. The “electric choice” also means being able to generate your own. Solar panels are expensive up front, but they pay for themselves over a few years. Without mechanical parts, solar panels can last for decades. Texas is also blessed with ample sunshine.

Natasha Risinger is an energy researcher. Her articles mainly appear on eco-related websites. Click the link TEXASELECTRICITYPROVIDERS.COM to learn more.

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