Feb 05

Coworker karaoke nights


Guest post written by Ben Hall

Sometimes it’s just so nice to interact with your coworkers outside of the office. Of course you don’t always want to see all of your coworkers outside of the office. But luckily for me, I’ve always had really great people in my department at work. We decided about a year or so ago that it would be easy to have some fun outside of the office by planning monthly karaoke nights. So that’s what we’ve been doing since then.

But I think that we’ve gotten a little tired of our old karaoke bar, so we decided to find a new one. I was online a few weeks ago doing that research when I came across the website MOBILEBROADBAND4g.com. I looked through it and signed up for the service.

I finally tracked down a new karaoke bar with lots of great reviews online, so we’re going to try that out next month and see how it is. But then again we might just decide that we liked our original joint better. The staff has come to know us there.

Feb 05

Pamper your skin

Today there are so many products that are available to help you care for and pamper your skin. Sometimes known as skinceucticals these products range from anti-aging creams to moisturizers.

Feb 04

Finding diet pills

The best thing to do before you take any pill is view diet pills reviews online to help you understand what each product contains in plain english and what those ingredients are used for. As you can see it comes naturally from Deep inside the African Kalahari desert, grows an ugly cactus called the Hoodia Gordonii plant. It thrives in extremely high temperatures and takes 4 – 6 years to mature.

Feb 03

You can achieve your workout goals

That is why I was intrigued by this newer fitness program called Kettleworx. They use resistance from a Kettlebell and include cardio for a 20 minute workout that you do three times a week. Because of the unique shape of the kettlebell you are able to complete more routines quickly and easier than you could with a resistance weights and bands. The concept seems simple and the cost to get their program is under $100. They offer over 18 unique workouts and show how you can get the fit and tone body in is as little as 6 weeks. While no exercise is full proof if you can stay motivated and eat healthier and cut down on those calories this new way to exercise may be just right for you.

Feb 03

Selling online

I was reading a new article that was sent me to on ways to work through various auction and classified ads sites to make money. There were suggestions from selling ebooks to wholesale clothes. The main premise behind any ecommerce business is to find a niche that you can sell into with very little competition. As people are looking for ways to find alternate forms of income selling goods online through sites like eBay is becoming more attractive. There are multiple sites out there where you can actually type in keywords for items for sale on eBay and it will return those items that have very little competition. This would be my first recommendation before jumping in with both feet.

Feb 02

2011 Health care careers

Are you a natural at getting people to do what you say? Then a pharmaceutical sales job could be for you. Your nursing degree will come in handy when you have to explain the details of a specific drug to doctors and pharmacists. You’ll travel a lot, but you’ll have a lot of flexibility in your job and may even get to work from home.

Maybe you have a passion for writing. Then a career in Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Jobs may be an area of opportunity. You’ll be writing about anything medically related and will have to know the specifics of different diseases and their treatments. You may end up writing for a hospital or perhaps starting your own blog. Just make sure you like writing and don’t mind doing a lot of it.

Feb 02

Using Pinnacle Studio v 12

If you own a digital camcorder then you know that having a great video editing software package can make or break your whole experience. While the new digital camcorders come with basic editing packages you really need to invest a solution like the new Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v12. I have been using Pinnacle software for the past few years and am looking to upgrade to the latest version for several reasons. One of the biggest ones is that you can now edit in HD by using the formats that I have on my video camera and output to HD and Blu-ray formats. Keeping with Pinnacles easy to use interface the most novice camera operator can create great looking videos and DVD’s in just a few simple clicks. They have great feature where you just load the video clips and then put it to your favorite music and it will create a video matching the beats of the music. It really is a nice feature if for example you have lots of footage of a soccer tournament for example and want to create a quick and memorable keepsake for the team.

The Pinnacle Studio comes with a ton of features that cannot all be listed here but you can find it on sale at buy.com for under $50. It will also come with a green screen which you can place behind a video shoot and then magically drop in a background of your choosing. The creation and editing possibilities are almost endless and the overall quality and value is tough to beat. Pinnacle continues to upgrade it’s software to make sure it plays well with the most current operating systems and digital camcorder settings. So don’t let your videos go to waste and upgrade your movie editing capabilities with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 I know I will be.

Jan 27

Top Reasons to Use a Property Manager

Being a real estate investor can pay big dividends. It can also cause a lot of headaches if you don’t know what you are doing. Some try to do it all and manage their property themselves. It’s more than just mowing the lawn. The do-it-yourselfers usually don’t last long or have no spare time. Just having to ask for a late rent payment one time can be very stressful. Unless your property is really very small and close by then your best bet is to use a property manager. Here a list of reasons why.

Site Management

Your property must be inspected regularly for damage, erosion and vandalism. Don’t count on tenants to do this for you. They might even be the source of the problem. Plus any improvement projects need to be monitored. A property manager can do this for you. A good example is property manager Westchester.

Emergency Response

Whatever the reason – accident, fire or storm damage – you want someone to answer the phone and provide a quick response. Experience counts here and mistakes can be costly. This is one area that should not be left to chance.

Legal Issues

Does your building and property respect all the local zoning codes and laws? When a new code comes out are you aware of it? The property managers keep track of this so you don’t have to. You don’t want to have to pay a fine just because you were too busy to keep up. This is one area often overlooked by those investing in real estate.

Accounts Payable

You have rent to collect, but you might not have the time. Plus, if a payment is late, you don’t have the time to be chasing down the payment either. This is one of the property manager’s most important jobs. Any other charges and fees can be handled by them as well, and all accounting is centralized.

Financial Reports

In addition to the accounts payable, all costs and taxes can be recorded by the property manager. Everything is kept well organized and up to date. When tax time comes the records are ready at a moment’s notice, and you can make the best of any deductions due to you. Less paperwork for you is a good thing.

Energy Conservation

One of the biggest costs to any building is heating and cooling. An inefficient system loses money quickly. A good system can become inefficient if it is not checked regularly. All of these details are handled by a good property manager. In this case the cost, or savings, can be in the thousands of dollars.


There is nothing like investing in brick and mortar. You have a visible long-term investment. However, like any investment, there are risks and responsibilities. Property manager Westchester is a form of hedging your risk. This secures the return on your investment. You provide a property that is a joy to live in, and in the end you might actually save money.

Roy Wilson is a freelance writer with real estate writing experience. He knows that property manager Westchesteris a good example of a quality property management service.

Jan 26

The baby season

It appears that many of our friends are having kids and this time of year seems we seem to be getting a lot of birth announcements . While my wife is the main recipient of these announcements I have noticed that many of them have gotten quite creative in announcing the birth of their new boy or girl. I am still a fan of the HerSheIs announcement that comes wrapped around a candy bar with the weight of the baby where the Oz. should be for the candy bar.

Jan 25

Thoughts on Debt relief

As interest rates creep back up loans known as piggyback loans are seeing a slow down. This is where a consumer typically does not have the 20% to put down on a house, so they take out a second loan on the home to avoid mortgage insurance. The President just signed a bill that would allow consumers to now deduct those insurance premiums which will make them more attractive than they use to be. When you are looking for Debt Relief be sure to look at all the costs involved and the terms the rate is good for.Staying out of debt has been a hot topic lately.
Debt Relief

When looking at our debt the question has come up : ” Do we pay off our debt or put money into savings.This raises several variables that you need to consider when thinking about delaying paying off those loans. When considering Debt Relief you need to establish a budget, a common question is whether to use your excess cash to rid yourself of debt or build up your next egg. It has been noted that you should attempt to put away at least 5-10% of your income into savings each month. While having a savings account can be a great idea , but if you have some it may be wiser to pay those down and not incur any further interest charges.The key idea you should strive for is to become . You should take into account the interest rates that your savings will give you. In most cases savings accounts are giving back only about 3-4%, which is no where the amount needed to offset a 13% credit card debt.

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